Seasonal Services


If you are not planning on running your pool year-round it is a wise choice to fully winterize.  Properly done, it will ensure a carefree off season and no more stressing if the temperature dips below zero or the power goes out, or worst case scenario, both.

For above pools this is fairly simple to do, however, in-ground pools are a different story. Properly winterizing them requires special equipment and a strong understanding of the pool plumbing system. 

The service will range from 3-6 hours depending on the pool and what parts of winterizing you would like us to do.  If you are considering winterizing, we encourage you to view this video demonstration .  It will give you an idea of the parts of the process you can do yourself and the ones you would like us to do.

Remember, although this service costs from $300-600, there are tangible benefits.

  • Energy costs to operate pool during the off-season = $0

  • Equipment (pump, motor, filter, heater etc.) are properly prepared for winter = no new components to buy due to winter damage (easily could cost $1000+)

  • Peace of mind = priceless 

Spring Opening

Think of it as spring cleaning for your pool.  It involves removing and cleaning the cover, filling the pool to operating level, vacuuming the pool, shock treating and balancing the water, and an inspection of the pump and filter to ensure they are properly functioning. Next step.  Enjoy your Pool!

Other Pool Services and Repairs

  • Vinyl Liner replacement

  • Re-Marciting (plastering) of concrete pools

  • Pump Motor Repair or replacement

  • Filter-sand Replacement

  • Leak detection and repair

  • All Plumbing related repairs

  • Solar Panel Heat Systems Installation

  • New Skimmer installation

  • Free Water Analysis (in Store)

  • Salt Water conversions

  • Complete Pool System Walk-Through

If it has anything to do with a swimming pool, we can help. 

Let us know what you need.